Vienna Little League, VLL, Vienna Baseball

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  • Check Website or Call Hotline to determine if field is open and playable.  
  • Do not play on field with standing water. 
  • Do not remove wet dirt from the mound, home plate or baselines. 
  • Please do all warm up exercises in the outfield and not on the infield. 
  • Do not throw batting practice in front of the mound on the grass. 
  • Do not use the fence for pepper or to throw against. 
1.      rake and level home plate area…fill and tamp holes
2.      rake and level pitchers mound and bullpen…fill and tamp rubber and landing area
3.      rake and level around all bases – do not rake dirt into the grass
4.      clean dugout areas – throw all trash and litter into trash cans
5.      cover mound and home plate if threat of rain
6.      pick up all trash around stands and fence lines and batting cages.
  • Turn off field lights (after the last game played). 
  • Notify commissioner of your league immediately with any problems. 
Please remember that failure to properly take care of this field can result in the loss of this field for future use by your team and your league. Help keep this facility in good shape for all users.