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Registration Refunds – Spring

To qualify, a family must contact the league Treasurer, Rose Sirianni who will review and consult with League Directors.  All refunds are subject to the discretion of the Treasurer.

Full Amount Paid*--One Week Prior to Draft  or Team Formation

*The full amount paid, less a minimum $25 refund fee, and any non-VLL fees or purchases directly related to the individual registered (i.e., late fee, check fee, credit card fee, etc.) will be refunded. 

No Refunds Allowed--After age based draft

Refunds are NOT provided because families cannot or will not accommodate their schedules to VLL practice or game times and refunds are not provided because the league will not accommodate a car pool request.

However, we are a community based sport, if you have issues and would like a refund, please contact the Treasurer at:

Dated emails should accompany refund requests.