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What levels are offered for Fall Ball?

Fall Ball offers Juniors, Single A, AA, AAA, Majors and Intermediate (50/70).  Single A thru Majors are primarily for players who were League Ages 6 thru 11 for the Spring 2021 season. Intermediate will be offered for rising 12s (now 13U).  Juniors is primarily for players who were League Age 4 or 5 for the Spring 2021 season.  League Age can be verified using the table HERE.

Juniors will embark on its third season in Fall 2021.  It operates in a Sunday afternoon-only format, with 90-minute afternoon sessions consisting of a 30 minute practice and a 60 minute game.  Most players will have played T-Ball in the Spring.  Most batters will hit from a tee to promote pace of play, with some provision for limited coach pitch later in the season.

Single A is coach pitch, while AA thru Majors are kid pitch.  These levels offer twice-weekly games, and scheduled practice days/times – typically a practice during the week, a weekday game, and a Saturday game (Majors will play games twice during the week in lieu of Saturdays). 

The intermediate (50/70) division is designed for 13 year-olds (12s in Spring of 2021) and will utilize a 50-foot pitching mound (the distance from the rubber to homeplate) and 70-foot bases.

What’s different between Spring Baseball and Fall Ball?

Fall Ball is a much more relaxed, “supplemental” season where we try to focus on the developmental aspect of the game.  For example, standings are not kept at any level to encourage managers to give players opportunities to play different positions in a less competitive environment.  

Also, the levels offered for our younger players are a bit different.  In the Fall, we offer Juniors and Single A to cover League Ages 4 thru 8 - Juniors uses a tee, while Single A is coach pitch.  In the Spring, League Ages 4 thru 8 are further differentiated into T-Ball, Rookie, and Single A levels.  As such, certain players may, for example, play Single A in the Fall then Rookie Ball the following Spring.

How long is the Fall season?

Teams will form in mid to late August, at which time you will receive an email from your son/daughter’s manager.  Games start after Labor Day and run thru the end of October.

When can I register my son or daughter for Fall Ball?

Registration opens in early June and runs thru early August.  A late fee applies for all registrations after 8/1.  Sign up early to save money and ensure a spot for your son or daughter. 

Are there tryouts for Fall Ball?


Can I request a specific manager or teammate for my son or daughter?

For our Juniors and Single A levels, we do our best to form teams with manager, teammate, and other requests in mind.  These requests can be noted in the Preferred Manager and Registration Comments section at sign-up, or by logging back into and editing a submitted registration.   AA thru Majors are traditionally formed via draft, so specific requests typically cannot be honored.

Can I manage a team?

Interested managers should email our Fall Ball Directors, Andy Dinn ( ).

My son or daughter’s registration is “waitlisted” – what does that mean?

Typically, a waitlisted registration indicates a player lives outside the Vienna Little League boundary.  These players may only participate with proper documentation that confirms he or she attends a school within the Vienna Little League boundary.  Waitlisted registrations are reviewed manually and will typically be resolved within 3-5 days.   VLL will contact the parent if additional information is needed.

Can my son or daughter move “up” in the Fall?

The ability for players to participate in the next level (e.g. movement from AA to AAA) is on a space-available basis, and subject to the team formation process for each level.  The majority of players play at the same level as they did in the Spring.

How does Fall Ball impact my son or daughter’s Spring 2022 placement?

Fall Ball is considered a supplemental season.  As such, it has no bearing on a player’s Spring placement.

Example 1:  A player who was League Age 6 in Spring 2021 may participate in Single A in Fall 2021.  The following spring, in this case Spring 2022, Vienna Little League offers two levels for this age - Rookie Ball and Single A.  The majority of players will play Rookie Ball, while a limited number may play Single A - the latter is strictly limited to 2-3 players per team. 

Example 2:  A player who was League Age 7 in Spring 2011 may request to participate in AA in Fall 2021.  This player would be placed on a AA team on a space available basis.  In Spring 2022, this player must try out and be drafted by a AA team to play AA.

How else can I help?

VLL is an all-volunteer organization, so we have ample opportunities for parents to help.  Several options can be chosen on the registration form, and you will be contacted for that role when we need you. 

What COVID protocols are currently in place?

As of May 2021, Vienna Little League has chosen to modify the league’s mask policy such that masks are not required "inside the lines."  The updated policy impacts players and coaches actively participating on-field in practices and games.  Players and coaches still have the option to wear a mask inside the lines.

Masks should continue to be worn by both coaches and players when "outside the lines." Outside the lines include dugouts and other situations where proper social distancing is not possible. 

We will continue to revise our COVID protocols as circumstances dictate.