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SEEKING MAJORS MANAGERS -- Application Deadline is September 30, 2020

Each year, Vienna Little League publishes its Call for Majors Managers. Majors Managers, like all volunteers in VLL, are appointed to one-year terms. Many are reappointed for multiple terms, but almost every year a few managers retire.


Until 30 September, VLL is seeking applications for qualified candidates. From that pool of candidates, we will replace retiring managers and any fill additional vacancies that may subsequently arise. Applications received after the 30 September deadline will be reviewed at the discretion of the League President and Vice Presidents. 


Selected managers will lead their team of 10--12-year-old players during the spring and fall seasons and are expected to make a three (3) year commitment to the team and league.  Skilled and compassionate coaches are the cornerstone of VLL, and Majors represents our League’s highest level of play. We seek candidates who will develop our young boys and girls into better athletes while upholding the highest standards for sportsmanship and citizenship.  We expect these qualities to be evident in a candidate’s application.

Interested candidates should submit an application package to include:

  • Cover letter describing interest and attributes;
  • Coaching Resume including details about background and experience;
  • At least three and no more than six letters of recommendation from parents of players, other coaches, or other people who are familiar with you as a person and as a coach;
  • Examples of previously used or proposed practice plans to augment the application.

If you are interested in a position, please email the chairperson of the VLL Manager Section Committee, Al DeFazio  He can provide you with information on the process and your application.

Interested candidates shall submit their documents no later than September 30, 2020. Candidates will interview with the Manager Search Committee in October and November. 

Decisions will be made in December, after a final vote by the VLL Board of Directors.

Note: Candidates do not apply for a specific team or league – team assignment of selected Managers will be done at the discretion of the Selection Committee Chairman.