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Answers to frequently asked questions about VLL, team formation, tryouts, Opening Day and more.


Vienna Little League (VLL) is an all-volunteer organization serving more than 1,100 boys and girls each year.  We are chartered by Little League International (LLI) in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, which mandates most of the rules that govern how VLL operates.  Players can participate in VLL from age 4 through age 12 - in those 9 years, we can offer them 6 levels of play, so everyone should anticipate playing on the same level up to at least four times during their years with us. The information below should help parents understand:


  1. The age designations for each league
  2. How teams are formed
  3. The frequency of practices and games
  4. The duration of the seasons of play
  5. What your son or daughter needs to participate


What levels are offered for Spring Baseball?

VLL offers Tee Ball, Rookie, Single A, AA, AAA, Majors, and Challenger.


Tee Ball exclusively uses a batting tee, and Rookie Ball is our transition/coach pitch level.  These levels offer one weekday practice and a Saturday game each week.


Single A is coach pitch, while AA thru Majors are kid pitch.  These levels offer twice-weekly games, and scheduled practice days/times – typically a practice during the week, a weekday game, and a Saturday game.  


The Challenger Program is for children with special needs to play adaptive baseball in a supportive, nurturing, and fun environment at no cost to the family.  Games are typically played on Sundays.



Your player's league age is determined by Little League Baseball.  The age determination date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child as of August 31 of the current year.  To access the Little League Baseball Age Charts, click here.


How long is the Spring season?

Teams will form in mid-February through early March, with games starting around April 1, and running into early June.  Parents will receive an email from their son/daughter’s manager once placed on a team.


Are there tryouts for Spring Baseball?

All players League Age 8 and above must attend an evaluation to be eligible for VLL's “draft leagues” - which include AA, AAA, and Majors. Players Age 8 wishing to remain in Single A or below do not need to participate in the evaluations.

Players League Age 7 or younger should not attend the evaluations.


NOTE: If your player did NOT play in VLL Majors last Spring (2019), he or she is required to attend an in-person evaluation. For more information on the 2020 Spring Evaluations, click here.


What equipment does my player need?

The league provides jerseys to all players.  The only other "needs" are a baseball glove and baseball pants for game days.  Baseball pants will typically be white or gray, depending on the team’s jersey color and manager preference. Many players were a belt with their baseball pants and can typically be purchased in coordination with the team’s color scheme.  VLL provides bats and helmets, though many prefer to buy their own. That said, we typically have way more bats than we need, so we recommend you prioritize a helmet over a bat. And, of course, a baseball bag to carry it all, if you choose. Equipment can be purchased at a variety of sports and baseball themed retailers.  


VLL partners with DICK’S Sporting Goods at Fair Oaks. To take advantage of coupons and special offers, please visit VLL’s sponsor page.


Can I request a specific manager or teammate for my son or daughter?

For our T-Ball, Rookie, and Single A levels, we do our best to form teams with some manager, teammate, and other requests in mind.  These requests can be noted in the Preferred Manager and Registration Comments section at sign-up, or by logging back into and editing a submitted registration.   AA thru Majors are traditionally formed via draft, so specific requests typically cannot be honored.


Can I manage a team?

Majors Manager positions are perpetually filled and are handled via a separate process run by the BoD.  Candidates interested in managing a Minor League Team (AAA and below) should email our Minor League Director, Andy Dinn (


My son or daughter’s registration is “waitlisted” – what does that mean?

Typically, a waitlisted registration indicates a player lives outside the Vienna Little League boundary.  These players may only participate with proper documentation that confirms he or she attends a school within the Vienna Little League boundary or played the previous year in VLL but subsequently moved outside the boundary.  Waitlisted registrations are reviewed manually, and will typically be resolved within 3-5 days. VLL will contact the parent if additional information is needed.


How else can I help?

VLL is an all-volunteer organization, so we have ample opportunities for parents to help.  Several options can be chosen on the registration form, and you will be contacted for that role when we need you.