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What levels are offered for Fall Ball?

Fall Ball offers Tee Ball/Juniors, Rookie/Single A, AA, AAA, and Majors.  Single A thru Majors are typically for players who were League Ages 6 thru 11 in the spring, though the cancellation of the Spring 2020 season compelled us to offer for players League Age 12 to participate in an additional Summer Fall season.  Tee/BallJuniors is primarily for players who were League Age 4 or 5 for the Spring 2020 season.  League Age can be verified using the table HERE.


Rookie/Single A is coach pitch, while AA thru Majors are kid pitch.  These levels offer twice-weekly games, and scheduled practice days/times – typically a practice during the week, a weekday game, and a Saturday game. 


In regards to COVID-19, what is VLL's "Return to Play" plan?

Vienna Little League is committed to remaining flexible and adapting our "return to play" approach to changes in the data and guidance provided by the relevant authorities.  To review VLL's current "return to play" plan, click here.


How will teams be formed for Fall Ball?

2020 has certainly been unique.  As such, team placement for Summer Fall 2020 will be determined by Vienna Little League, with a focus on preserving teams that were formed for the Spring 2020 season.  To the extent possible, we will aim to "lift and shift" those teams, with necessary team combinations and/or player movement as registration volumes dictate.  Parents and players should assume they will participate at their assigned Spring 2020 level.  


How long is the Fall season?

Teams will form in late July, and begin play as soon as deemed safe and appropriate in August.  The season will run thru the end of October.


Are there tryouts for Fall Ball?



Can I manage a team?

Interested managers should email our Fall Ball Director Andy Dinn ( ). 


My son or daughter’s registration is “waitlisted” – what does that mean?

Registrations can be waitlisted for a few reasons.  For example, a waitlisted registration indicates a player lives outside the Vienna Little League boundary.  These players may only participate with proper documentation that confirms he or she attends a school within the Vienna Little League boundary.  You may also receive a waitlist notice if you have an unpaid (incomplete) registration or, in the special case for Summer Fall 2020 registrations, if you are using your spring credit in lieu of making a new payment.  Waitlisted registrations are reviewed manually, and will typically be resolved within 3-5 days.   VLL will contact the parent if additional information is needed.


Please Note: For those with registration fee credit from the Spring 2020 season, your registration will be temporarily waitlisted while we manually review and apply your credit.  Those waitlisted registrations should be resolved within 24 hours and you will receive a notification that your payment is complete.


Can my son or daughter move “up” in the Fall?

The ability for players to participate in the next level (e.g. movement from AA to AAA) is on a space-available basis, and subject to the team formation process for each level.  Given the extraordinary circumstances of 2020, the vast majority (if not all) of players play at the same level as they did in the Spring.


How does Fall Ball impact my son or daughter’s Spring 2021 placement?

Fall Ball is considered a supplemental season.  As such, it has no bearing on a player’s Spring placement.


Example 1:  A player who was League Age 6 in Spring 2020 may participate in Single A in Fall 2020.  The following spring, in this case Spring 2021, Vienna Little League offers two levels for this age - Rookie Ball and Single A.  The majority of players will play Rookie Ball, while a limited number may play Single A - the latter is strictly limited to 2-3 players per team. 


Example 2:  A player who was League Age 7 in Spring 2020 may request to participate in AA in Fall 2020.  This player would be placed on a AA team on a space available basis.  In Spring 2021, this player must tryout and be drafted by a AA team to play AA.


How else can I help?

VLL is an all-volunteer organization, so we have ample opportunities for parents to help.  Several options can be chosen on the registration form, and you will be contacted for that role when we need you.