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UPDATE June 27, 2020

Vienna Little League excited to open registration for the 2020 Summer-Fall season.  

VLL is committed to remaining flexibile as we continue to adapt our "return to play" approach to nearly daily changes in the data and guidance provided by the relevant authorities.   To review VLL's current "return to play" plan, click here.


UPDATE June 23, 2020

Registration for the Fall 2020 Season will begin soon!

To address COVID-19 risks, VLL is developing comprehensive health and safety protocols for the Fall season, which is currently scheduled to run from approximately early August through late October. 

In the meantime, the League wants to promote baseball skill development and recreational opportunities for children in our community during the Summer months in preparation for the anticipated resumption of play. 

VLL has adopted a Return to Play Plan policy, which allows groups of players to participate in coach-led workouts prior to Fall team formation, subject to special COVID-19 precautions.

Early registration (now through July 1) is required if you want your player to be eligible for off-season group workouts.


UPDATE June 5, 2020


VLL is currently preparing for a safe return to play in August. Registration for the Fall season will begin soon and will close around mid-July. Please check back or look for notifications that Fall registration has commenced. (Credits from the Spring season will be applied to Fall registration fees.)

Please direct questions to  .


UPDATE May 20, 2020

To the VLL Community:
On Sunday night, the Vienna Little League Board of Directors took a painful vote. Not only were we meeting for the first time without our legendary Chairman and friend Bill Cervenak, who passed away last week, but it was also the first time the leadership of VLL, after more than 50 years of continuous operation, was voting on cancelling a regular season.
Unfortunately, forces beyond our control -- including trends in local COVID-19 conditions, restricted access to critical playing fields, and uncertainty about appropriate precautions -- made it simply infeasible to continue to plan for a season in June and July, as we had previously hoped. Thus, with heavy hearts and deep disappointment, the Board voted to cancel the 2020 Spring season.
Our decision was all the more difficult because it was clear to us how many members of our community, like us, wanted to find a way to preserve the season. Since we announced our plan to attempt a modified Spring season two weeks ago, we heard from hundreds of parents and volunteers, and that feedback was heartening. Even as many chose to opt out of the proposed season for various reasons, it was evident that support for the League and its mission runs very deep.
With that in mind, the Board also voted Sunday to begin planning for an expanded Fall baseball season -- one that will hopefully have more teams, more games, and record enthusiasm. It will also include a unique opportunity for the 12-year-olds who would have otherwise graduated out of VLL this Spring to play one more season with us. Our goal is to begin the Fall season as early in August as public-health conditions allow and to play until the end of October.
As for Spring registration fees, there are three options:


(1) REFUND: You can request a refund of Spring registration fees now by emailing that request to  . In the email, please specify (1) the name of each player for whom you are requesting a refund and (2) if you are requesting only a partial refund, the amount of your refund request. To help defray credit-card processing charges and other unrecoverable costs for the season, all refunds will be assessed a $30-per-player administrative fee. Requests for refunds must be received by Friday, May 29, and will be processed as quickly as possible using the original method of payment.


(2) CREDIT: If you do not request a refund, your VLL account will be credited in the amount of your full Spring registration fees, and that credit can be applied to registration for the upcoming expanded Fall season. Importantly, we are not rolling over Spring registrations to Fall automatically; we need those who want to participate in the Fall to affirmatively re-register to ensure we have up-to-date information. Registration for the Fall season will open around June 1 and run through mid-July. At that time, you will have the ability to request to apply your existing credit. After the Fall season begins, any unused credit will expire and it will be considered a donation. (In the event VLL is unable to hold the Fall season, the Board may vote to extend credits to the Spring 2021 season.)


(3) DONATION: If you would simply like to convert your Spring registration fees into a charitable gift to the League, please send an email with that direction to  . Requests for a partial refund of fees will be treated as a request to donate the remainder. The League is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and will provide you with a receipt for your donation upon request.

Many of the substantial costs of operating our League (more than $500,000/year) are fixed or otherwise incurred in advance of the season, and unfortunately we will realize only modest savings by cancelling the season. Thus, if you are able to either donate your fees or utilize the credit for the Fall season, we encourage you to do so to help ensure the continued financial health of the League in years to come.
Additional information will soon be forthcoming about player registration (and volunteer opportunities) for the Fall season. Please know that VLL prioritizes the safety of our players and community above all else, and will only operate when government authorities deem it appropriate to do so. We will also continue to monitor reputable resources for specific guidance on best practices or protocols applicable to outdoor, low-contact sports like baseball and/or small organized gatherings of school-age children, and will adjust our operations accordingly.
In the meantime, we wish you a safe and healthy spring and early summer and look forward to resuming baseball activities in August.
Vienna Little League


UPDATE May 3, 2020


To the VLL Community:

As you may have heard, this past week Little League International announced that the Little League World Series and all regional postseason tournaments would be canceled for 2020 due to public-health restrictions relating to large public events and travel. The Virginia State Little League Association likewise announced the cancellation of its 2020 state tournaments, including the tournament Vienna Little League was slated to host in July.

These decisions, however disappointing, have now made it possible for VLL to move forward with plans to resume our regular season, in a modified format, as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

We want to emphasize that VLL is strictly adhering to all applicable federal, state, and local directives and guidance on COVID-19, and therefore any possible resumption of youth baseball activities in Vienna is dependent upon criteria over which we have no control. With that in mind though, we currently intend to run a modified season that would have our teams (at all levels) reconvening on or about June 11, with games commencing shortly thereafter, and playing through (approximately) the month of July.

This target resumption date is based upon the scheduled expiration of the current Virginia stay-at-home order and the assumption that, by that date, local conditions will align with government requirements for "Phase Two" reopening modifications, at which point it is expected that "organized youth activities" can resume. If these conditions aren't met, or if guidance changes, we will adjust accordingly.

Our goal is quite simply to give the children of our community a chance to play a sport we all love, to be around old friends and new ones in a safe outdoor setting, and to have a bit of normalcy after a long stretch of abnormal living.

Such a season would, of course, be unusual -- and likely will have a number of other operational adjustments to promote safety and cost savings. We recognize that, for a variety of reasons, this may present challenges to the participation of both children and adult volunteers. We certainly understand that and are planning accordingly.

To help us with that planning, we are asking you to notify us by no later than May 17 if you would like to opt-out of this modified season. To do so, please send an email to  . Based on the responses we receive, we will provide further guidance regarding registration fee refunds or other adjustments.

Finally, a note about practicing: there will likely be a very short ramp-up period between the resumption of the season and gameplay, and so we encourage players to take advantage of any free time in the next several weeks to get outside and work on throwing, hitting, and catching/fielding skills with parents, siblings, or others who live with them. But under no circumstances should teammates be gathering, even in small numbers, for any sort of practice before June 11. VLL will treat that as a serious safety issue, and a potential disciplinary issue for any involved adult volunteer. It may not only jeopardize the eligibility of individuals to participate in our season but could also lead to decisions by county or town officials that would imperil the season for everyone.

We thank you again for your patience and support for our organization and its mission.

Vienna Little League




Update on VLL Season and Warning Regarding Use of Town Fields

To the VLL Community:

The past week has seemed like a month, and much has changed since our last update to you. We are writing to address two subjects in particular. 

First, Vienna Little League's leadership has begun a new round of discussions about the disposition of our spring season in light of the Governor's order restricting out-of-home activities through June 10 and the latest projections from public-health agencies about community spread of COVID-19. We kindly ask for your patience as we confer internally -- and with our Little League district, state, and international partners -- about the implications of any season cancellation. We hope by next week to be able to provide more guidance to our membership, including how we would handle any requests for registration-fee refunds in the event of an official cancellation. 

Regardless of what becomes of the spring 2020 Little League season, VLL remains committed to providing opportunities in our community for youth baseball play as soon as conditions allow for it to be done safely.

Second, and speaking of safety, VLL has received reports from the Town of Vienna about children and adults congregating on local baseball fields in groups that are larger then 10 people. These are not necessarily organized group activities, but simply a multiplicity of people using the same space at the same time. Although the Governor's order allows residents to leave their homes to engage in outdoor activities, including exercise, and we certainly understand the desire to take advantage of our parks and playing fields for baseball activities, we urge everyone in the VLL Community to use common sense, share all public spaces with appropriate distancing, and avoid creating over-sized gatherings. If such reports persist, the Town is likely close the parks completely, depriving all of the opportunity to use the facilities.

This is a difficult time for us all. Please be kind to each other and do all that you can to stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.  



Vienna Little League




Hope is at the core of baseball fandom, and Vienna Little League is still clinging to that hopeful spirit amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to decades of enthusiastic participation by our community and generosity from countless sponsors and benefactors, VLL is fortunate to have some advantages that other youth sports organizations may not. Chief among those advantages are our own baseball diamonds at Yeonas Park, where we're still running the lawnmowers and maintaining sufficient operations to allow us to resume baseball activities as soon as it is deemed safe and appropriate.

VLL will continue to adhere to all applicable public-health orders and the guidance of government authorities concerning social distancing and large gatherings. We are also taking into consideration the recommendations of Little League International.

For now, VLL activities remain suspended indefinitely. But no decision has been made on whether or when we may have our "spring" 2020 season and, like any thoughtful umpire, we prefer to wait as long as possible before making any such call.

2020 is a year like none of us (or our parents, or even some of our grandparents) have ever experienced. There is little normalcy to be had, and creativity and improvisation have become our watchwords.

We promise to keep you advised as more definitive decisions are made about when -- not if, but when -- this delay-of-game will end.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our League Safety Officer at  .

Eternally hopefully yours,

Vienna Little League




To the VLL Community,  
As we all adjust to the unprecedented changes to our lives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vienna Little League continues to evaluate the ongoing impact on our spring season.
The League is aware of the revised recommendation from Little League International that seasons begin/resume no sooner than May 11, based upon the current direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerning avoiding public gatherings.
VLL anticipates that significant adjustments will need to be made to our operations, team schedules, and other events as circumstances continue to evolve and as additional guidance and directives come from federal, state, and local authorities.
It is our sincere hope that this will be only a temporary hiatus and that we will manage to have some semblance of a Little League season in our community. For now, however, VLL activities remain suspended indefinitely until further notice.
We will continue to share updates with you as additional decisions are made. Thank you for your continued support for our League's mission.
Mike Jreige
VLL President




To all VLL Volunteers:

First of all, I want to thank you for your dedicated service to Vienna Little League. The folks on this email thread -- including the Board of Directors and all managers and coaches -- have put in countless hours of work for the benefit of our youth players, and we are all deeply disappointed that public-health circumstances have led us to temporarily suspend League activities.

(If for any reason you've missed the messages that we've sent out over the past two days, they are appended below.) 

I know there are those who believe VLL and other organizations are overreacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, and so I wanted to take a moment to clarify *why* VLL has suspended activities -- and how you should interpret that action in the coming days and weeks.

VLL's action is supporting a containment strategy that relies upon the use of multiple "social distancing" measures. These measures are intended to minimize contact even among outwardly healthy individuals and even within populations that are at low risk of serious complications, and they have been found to be most effective when implemented early in an outbreak.

It would undermine that public-health strategy for players to congregate for informal practices or play during the current period of suspension. Therefore our coaches should *not* organize (and should discourage others from organizing) any gatherings of VLL players during this hiatus. It will not benefit anyone in the long run.

In this regard, it is worth noting that Little League International's regulations authorize the VLL Board of Directors to remove any manager or coach "whose activities in another youth baseball/softball program are deemed detrimental to the operation of the local league."

We will be in touch as decisions are made about the resumption of activities and any rescheduling of postponed events or other changes to our season. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


John O'Keefe

VLL Safety Officer




This evening Little League International recommended that all member leagues suspend their activities until at least April 6 in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.

VLL has made the difficult decision to implement that recommendation.

Effective immediately, all VLL activities are suspended until April 6 at the earliest.  

Any resumption of formal team activities after April 6 will take account of the FCPS calendar and may be subject to further delay as circumstances warrant.

In addition to practices and games, this suspension/postponement of activities includes:

  • Opening Day ceremonies;
  • Team equipment pickups; 
  • Coaching clinics and workshops; and
  • New member check-ins.

We will provide more information to coaches, players, volunteers, families, and fans as additional decisions about specific events are made, including any revision to previously published team schedules.  

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.



Mike Jreige

VLL President




To the VLL Community:

Like sports leagues and youth organizations worldwide, Vienna Little League is closely monitoring the evolving public-health risk posed by the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19. 

At this time, VLL is continuing to hold outdoor practices and games as scheduled, but we will adapt as necessary to protect our community as circumstances change and based upon the advice of government authorities and Little League International.

Although our player population thankfully appears to be at low risk of developing serious complications from the virus, we recognize that children may contribute to transmission among more vulnerable populations.

VLL therefore is asking all players, volunteers, families, and fans to follow these best practices to reduce the risk of spreading germs within our community:

In addition, VLL is instituting the following rules for all practices and games until further notice:

  • Teams will not engage in post-game handshakes or "hands in" huddles; players and coaches should instead consider non-contact displays of sportsmanship and camaraderie.
  • To avoid risks associated with sharing food, all snacks (including seeds) are prohibited from dugouts unless required for a medical reason.
  • Participants may not share water or drinks.
  • Players should avoid sharing equipment whenever possible. To reduce the need to share equipment, we are suspending the use of catchers for all Rookie and Tee Ball play. The League is working to supply additional equipment (e.g., catcher's masks) to any teams that need it to minimize in-game/practice sharing, and we are acquiring a disinfecting solution that teams can use to sanitize shared equipment between uses by different players.

Parents are encouraged to thoroughly clean players' personal equipment after practices and games, including bat handles, helmets, and other frequently touched gear. 

Finally, in the event Fairfax County Public Schools suspends after-school activities, VLL will follow that direction and suspend our activities as well. (NOTE: The announced FCPS student holiday on Monday, March 16, does not include the suspension of after-school activities.)

We will provide further information and guidance to our volunteers and families as circumstances warrant. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our League Safety Officer at 


Mike Jreige

VLL President