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League Age Eligibility for 2018 Fall Ball

All ‘league age’ players 5 to 12 for the spring 2019 season will be eligible to participate in the program. This means anyone born between Sep 1, 2006 and August 31, 2014.

Registration Period: 1 June-31 July


The VLL Fall Ball Program will be divided into three (3) divisions: “Majors” , “Minors” and “Juniors". The “Minors” division will consist of three levels: ‘AAA’, ‘AA’ and 'A' (Single A). The AAA and AA divisions are ‘kid pitch’, Single A is a transitional league and is 'coach pitch'.  The “Juniors” program uses a tee. ‚Äč

Majors Level: VLL Majors Fall Ball seeks to provide a competitive environment for the returning Majors' players and an instructional environment for those prospective Majors players selected to play Majors Fall Ball. There will be an end-of-the season “Fall Classic” tournament for all the Majors teams.

All returning Majors level players from the spring are guaranteed a spot in Majors Fall Ball. Each Fall Ball Majors team will have between 7 to 9 returning Majors players from the spring season. Additional players to fill out the roster will be selected from the list of the players rising up from spring AAA level who have expressed a desire to play Majors level Fall Ball. Because of space limitations in Majors Fall Ball, not every rising AAA player who wishes to play Majors Level Fall Ball will be selected.


AAA, AA and A Levels: VLL AAA and AA Fall Ball is intended to be developmental in nature and scope. Emphasis should be on providing an environment with the focus on instruction, development and opportunity for everyone to develop in anticipation of the spring season.


Fall Juniors:  The “Fall Juniors” program is primarily for “veteran” returning VLL players who will be League Ages 5 and 6 the following Spring (no rising League Age 4).  The program will operate in a “weekend-only” format, with a 90-minute session on Sunday afternoons – consisting of a 30-minute practice, then a 60-minute game.  The rules are a hybrid of traditional T-Ball and Rookie rules to best accommodate the abilities of all players.

Season: Games will be played from early September to the end of October.



Age 4    $100    9/1/2013 to 8/31/2014

Age 5    $100    9/1/2012 to 8/31/2013

Age 6    $100    9/1/2011 to 8/31/2012

Age 7    $234    9/1/2010 to 8/31/2011

Age 8    $234    9/1/2009 to 8/31/2010

Age 9    $234    9/1/2008 to 8/31/2009

Age 10    $234    9/1/2007 to 8/31/2008

Age 11    $234    9/1/2006 to 8/31/2007


Late fees assessed as per the schedule on the website.


Note:  Because Fall Ball is an instructional season, it has no bearing on a player’s Spring placement. For example, a six-year-old may have played either Tee Ball or Rookie Ball this spring; This fall, he may play Single A as a "rising seven-year-old"; But next spring as a seven-year-old, the league designed for him is Rookie, although a limited number of seven-year-olds may play in Single A.  

Similarly, the “Fall Juniors” program has no bearing on a player’s Spring placement.  During the Spring season, all League Age 5 players will play T-Ball. League Age 6 players who have played one season of Spring T-Ball may choose to play Rookie Ball.  This is an LLI requirement and there can be no exceptions.


Volunteers and Waitlist

Vienna Little League is a volunteer organization; and, therefore requires many volunteers to manage and coach Fall Ball teams. Because at this time we do not yet know how many volunteers we will have, we may need to ‘wait list’ registrants once registrations exceed 450. Our goal is to have everyone play.


Player Participation

· Every team roster player will play defensively in at least every other inning.

· Each team roster player will bat in a “continuous batting order.”


Questions: Contact the Fall Ball Director: Andy Dinn