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What is the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)?


Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a non-profit organization founded at Stanford University with the mission to transform youth sports so sports can transform Youth. PCA was created to transform the culture of youth sports to give all young athletes the opportunity for a positive, character-building experience.


The PCA has three national goals:

  1. Replace the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching with the Double-Goal® Coach who wants to win but has a second more important goal of teaching life lessons.

  2. Teach youth sports organization leaders how to create an organizational culture in which Honoring the Game is the norm; and

  3. Spark and fuel a "social epidemic" of Positive Coaching that will sweep this country.

There are many people in this nation who want to change the culture of youth sports, but they do not feel equipped to do so. Positive Coaching Alliance has developed practical tools to change the culture of youth sports and is making them available to coaches, parents, league organizers and others who will fire this movement.


PCA Tools for Parents


Here are some tools from PCA to help support your role as a parent operating within a Honoring the Game culture.

Parent Pledge: As a member of VLL, I promise to support my player, coach, and league by abiding by the positive coaching alliance principles which are accessible on the website.  In summary, these PCA principles are:

Respect the game

Respect the players

Respect the coaches

Respect the umpires

Respect the other team 

The Role of the Culture Keeper

Game Day Tips for Parents

Guidelines for a Coach/Parent Partnership

When Parents Need to Intervene

Empowering Conversations


PCA Contact

Questions regarding PCA, please contact the VLL PCA Coordinator: Brian Smith at

Revised 29 November 2017