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Posting Scores

All managers have access to update the scores for your team.  You will use your account (same one you use to register your children) and login.  All of you have an account on our website and should be able to login.  If you have forgotten your password there is a password reset link on the main login page.  Here are the steps to login and post your game scores.

  1. Go to the website

  2. At the top right hand corner of the site, click on Sign In and log into the system.

-  Your Username use the email that you use for registration

-  Your Password is your regular login password for the website



  1. Once you are logged on, choose your team from the top horizontal menu.          

  2. Once you have selected your team click on Results from the blue left hand column.




  1. Click on the orange edit button for your game and enter the score and select submit.

- If you would like to add comments about your game, just type this info in the box labeled Event Info.




Then you will see a screen to enter statistics as follows:

1. For each player that attended the game, click the checkbox under "Atn"

2. For each player that pitched, enter the TOTAL number of pitches they threw in the "PT" column

3. Also enter the number of innings they pitched in the "IP" column

NOTE: If a player goes over a threshold during an at bat, check the box "PC Met".  This is in accordence with the LLI rule that says

If a pitcher reaches a day(s) of rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch under that batter reaches base, is retired, or the 3rd out is made.

For example, let's say Cooper had 19 pitches and a new batter is up.  The count is ball (20), strike (21), ball (22), foul (23), ball (24), strikeout (25).  According to LLI, there is no day of rest required for 20 pitches in a day.  He crossed the threshold while facing his last batter.  So while Cooper had 25 total pitches, he started with (19) under the threshold.  Therefore, you enter 25 in the PT box, and check the PC Met box.  Cooper is eligible to pitch the next day.

Note the following thresholds:


11-12 – 85 pitches per day
9-10 – 75 pitches per day
7-8 – 50 pitches per day

  • If a player pitches 66 or more pitches in a day, four (4) calendar days of rest must be observed.
  • If a player pitches 51-65 pitches in a day, three (3) calendar days of rest must be observed.
  • If a player pitches 36-50 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed.
  • If a player pitches 21-35 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar days of rest must be observed.
  • If a player pitches 1-20 pitches in a day, no (0) calendar day of rest is required.

Also note that any player who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day.  If they catch three (3) innings or less, and move to pitcher, they also cannot return to catcher if they exceed the 20 pitch threshold before facing their last batter.  

Per the Vienna Little League Operations Guide, violations of pitching eligibility is a protestable offense.  If deliberate, game can be forfeited by vote of Disciplinary Committee.  First offense is suspension of next game.  Second offense is suspension for remainder of season.