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  • The game schedule will be uploaded into a google document.
  • The Spring 2016 game schedule can be found at:


Pre-Game Batting Practice: (FOR Majors, 3A and 2A only)

  • Applies only for games at Yeonas Park fields (Rhodes, Nance, Crabtree)
  • If you have the FIRST game of the day at Rhodes field, please use the cages at Rhodes field for pregame BP.
  • Any other games scheduled (for any field at Yeonas), there will be designated times for each game. Slots will be labeled as ‘Rhodes Game’ / ‘Nance Game’ / ‘Ctree Game’
  • The teams will split the cage time. Typically, the visiting team gets the first half and then the home team.
  • PLEASE stick to your assigned cages. THIS IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM EVERY SEASON. Please be considerate of the other teams.
  • Games will NOT be rescheduled unless there is a field reason to reschedule it--weather, we lose the field, whatever.  We will NOT reschedule the games because it is inconvenient for the coaches.  

If we start to grant these requests, it becomes scheduling chaos.  We have at least 12-13 players per team, so every team should have plenty of buffer if there is a player issue.  If a manager cannot be there, please have an assistant coach take the game.  If the coaches cannot be there, have a parent run the game.


Makeup Games:

  • Please review the Makeup Game rules document



Majors/3A/2A/1A/R/TB: I am not assigning practice slots anymore!


  • You will have opportunities to claim practice slots. They will be listed as ‘Open + Playing Level’ (i.e. a certain slot may be listed as ‘OPEN M’ – meaning that slot is reserved for Majors, etc)
  1. I will release the practice schedule as a ‘Read Only’ (excel) document every other Sunday night around 9pm. Every other Monday night around 9pm, I will allow managers access to edit the document to claim their practice slot. (see claiming rule!)
  • NEW FOR SPRING 2016: When I release the practice schedule, it will cover a two week period!!
  1. CLAIMING RULE: Majors/3A/2A can claim ONE field and ONE batting cage slot in a 24 hour period. 1A/R/TB can claim ONE field slot in a 24 hour period. For example, since the schedule will come out Monday nights at 9pm – you can make your first claim right when the schedule is released but cannot make your second claim until 9pm Tuesday night.
  2. PLEASE POLICE YOURSELVES ON THE CLAIMING RULE. Any team violating this rule, I will delete the additional practice slots that you have claimed.
  3. The practice schedule will be uploaded into a google document. You will have the opportunity to “edit” the document. Meaning, when you want to make a claim, you will just simply type in your team name into that slot (I.e. Maj Twins, etc) SO NO MORE MASS EMAILS!!
  4. You may swap out a slot you have claimed and claim another one to “even it out.”
  5. There is a log to keep track of all the edits to the google doc..adjacent to the ‘Help’ may say ‘All changes saved’ or something similar. Just click on that heading and the log will pop up. If there is any dispute of Team B claiming Team A’s slot, it out amongst yourselves and check the log!
  6. You may inquire about any open slot a day before. (not any earlier – I won’t hear your request) This is just a way to maximize our field space! Before you inquire, please ONLY claim spots in your level. Each level has its own color, so it can be pretty obvious if you over-write a slot. If something does look ‘weird’, I can easily reference the original practice schedule. Please do not over-write anything without my permission. See # 6 to access the log.


In case of inclement weather:

  2. I await ‘official’ word from Mike Jreige, Director of Building Grounds, on the status of Yeonas fields. I will send out an email detailing the specifics!
  • Please note that there may be instances where morning games get canceled but afternoon games may be playable. If this is the case, if you have a game on a satellite field (not a Yeonas field & not a Nottoway field & not Cerv Field), please your best judgment on whether you can get your game in or not. I will also send a detailed email out with all the specifics.


  1. Black (Nottoway # 5) and Curry (Nottoway # 1) status can be found at:
  • The county website is only updated Monday-Friday.
  • BLACK/CERV FIELD (in general): Is always ‘open’ UNLESS it is absolutely down-pouring during your game. It can be a difficult call, but please use your best judgment. (please converse with the opposing team, umpires, etc)
  • CURRY (on weekends): The coaches will need to check the field and report back to me on the status. There may or may not be a sign posted on the field, so please use your best judgment. Once I hear back from a manager or two, I will decide on the status of games on that field.
  1. I will ALWAYS send out email updates, regardless. Please wait on an email from me FIRST. Please keep in mind, there may be a short-turnover time to relay the messages to your teams, etc. The weather can be very unpredictable! I will try my best to be prompt on these updates, but please stay patient. The VLL website will be updated too on any inclement weather updates.


Lighted Fields

VLL has a total of 5 lighted fields available for use: Crabtree & Rhodes at Yeonas Park and Black & Curry at Nottoway Park.

  • Crabtree: The light switch is located in between the Vallerie Room and mail/lost & found room at Yeonas. (adjacent to the snack bar). Unlock the room with your A1 key (can be obtained by the Quartermaster) and flip the switch on the right hand side. Please make sure to flip the light switch off and re-lock the room.
  • Rhodes: The light box (last box as you walk up) is located next to the dumpsters by the field. The combo lock to get into the box is 1359. Unlock the box and flip the switch. Please make sure to turn the lights off and re-lock the box.
  • Black: The light box is located by the bathroom area of Nottoway. Push the button that reads (Nottoway 5) and the lights will come on. This light should be automatic, but please push the button anyways.
  • Curry: I believe the light box is located by the gazebo area of the field. Push the bottom that reads (Nottoway 1) and the lights will come on. This light should be automatic, but please push the button anyways.
  • Cervenak Field at Glyndon Park: The lights will automatically turn on every night.  (No need to push any buttons) However if the lights (for whatever reason) do not come on – please contact Brandy Wyatt (571 235 8343) and/or John King (571 722 7005) from the Town of Vienna. (For umpires  - the passcode to get into the equipment storage room there is 1234)



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at . Thanks.


Mike Abundo - VLL League Scheduler